SBIG STL-11000 - First Tests

NGC 7000 "North America Nebula"
IC 5067-70 "Pelican Nebula"
NGC 6996
Cr 428

Emission nebulas and open star clusters (NGC 6996 - Collinder 428) in Cygnus

Date - Location: 5 August 2005 - Trevignano Romano (Italy)
Filter: AstroDon H-Alpha 6nm
Exposure: 2x30 minutes
Telescope/Lens: Nikon 300mm f/2,8 @ f/4
Processing software: CCDSoft 5.00.159; MaxImDL CCD 3.07; Photoshop CS

Click on each image to the left to open a new page with a 1200 pixel wide or tall jpeg compressed enlargement.
Please note that the original STL-11000 images are 4008 pixel wide.

Here is also a previous image gallery showing astronomical objects portrayed with a SBIG ST-10XME camera.

Images © Diego Meozzi